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Invitation: 7th CBLA SIG Symposium


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to our 7th CBLA SIG Symposium ´Language Assessment and Learning Differences´ sponsored and hosted by the Department of English Studies, University of Cyprus


The event offers exciting plenary talks and interactive workshops (FREE OF CHARGE!!!) - see programme and abstracts attached. 


If you are interested in joining us, please send me an email with your registration – see ‘endypo symmetoxis’ attached. The venue of the event is the University of Cyprus, 75 Kallipoleos Street, Room No E010, Nicosia, Cyprus. 


We are looking forward to welcoming you to our event.

All the best
Dina Tsagari

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  Invitation: 7th CBLA SIG Symposium - English Department, University of Cyprus - Sunday, October 30, 2016



 Γλωσσική Αξιολόγηση και Μαθησιακές Δυσκολίες


Application for participation in

7th CBLA SIG Symposium 

´Language Assessment and Learning Differences´


Δηλώνω ότι ενδιαφέρομαι να συμμετάσχω στο πιο πάνω συνέδριο που θα πραγματοποιηθεί στο Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου,E010, Λευκωσία, Κύπρος, Σάββατο 19 Νοεμβρίου (9.00πμ-1.30μμ) – βλ. πρόγραμμα στην επόμενη σελίδα.


I would like to participate in the above conference that will take place at the University of Cyprus, E010, Kallipoleos 75, Nicosia, Cyprus on Saturday 19th November 2016 (9.00-13.00) – see programme following.



Last name:



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School subjects:


Όνομα Σχολείου/Τηλέφωνο Σχολείου:

School name/phone number:


Αριθμός Τηλεφώνου σας:

Your phone number:


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Επιλογή Εργαστηρίου – Νούμερο/τιτλος:

Workhsop – Number/title:




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7th CBLA SIG Symposium Programme
´Language Assessment and Learning Differences´


Hosted by the Department of English Studies, University of Cyprus

Venue: Room E010 (KENTRIKA), University of Cyprus, Kallipoleos 75, Nicosia


Saturday 19th November, 2015





Successful Inclusion of Learners with Dyslexia In Mainstream Foreign Language Classrooms

Room: E010

Dr Joanna Nijakowska

Łódź University, Poland


10.00 – 10.45

Assessment and Learning Difficulties in Higher Education: Institutional awareness and implementation

Room: E010

Dr Mari Carmen


Universitat Jaume I, Spain


Online Teaching & Testing Resources for EFL Teachers: Putting Theory into Practice

Room: E010

Dr Jenny Liontou

Hellenic Open University, Greece


Teacher Assessment Language Enhancement-TALE: An update

Room: E010

Dr Dina Tsagari

University of Cyprus

12.00 - 12.30 Coffee break

Workshops 12.30 – 13.30

Workshop 1

How to Approach Learning Difficulties through Formative Assessment Practices

Room: E115

George Michaeloudes

Department of English Studies, University of Cyprus

Workshop 2

Using Peer Assessment of Writing in Terms of a Dyslexia Assessment Policy

Room: E116

Eleni Meletiadou

Department of English Studies, University of Cyprus


CBLA SIG Meeting – Farewell





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